The Inspiration and Goal of this app was to teach people the art of stock and investment management in hour long bursts. Plus I really want to try and win the MLH prize :)

How it works

Currently Bull Run works as follows: When you open Bull Run it will prompt you to answer questions about financial markets and such. By answering these questions you earn money to use to buy stocks. Once you have earned some money you can start a stock market game and buy and sell fortune 500 company stocks as they change randomly. After an hour check how you rank on the leaderboard of money made.

Challenges I ran into

Writing everything in Fragments, calling the backend.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Everything really, especially the backend.

What I learned

That I know absolutely nothing about financial literacy.. I am financially illiterate..

What's next for Bull Run

Add more backend functions. Publish.

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