My primary school ICT teacher made a similar one for our school and also games like, Secret of Monkey Island.

What it does

it takes you to the main landmarks in Birmingham and you have to collect puzzle pieces on the way. Bill, the spirit of the bullring bull is there to give you hints along the way. (Work in Progress)

How we built it

Rahima did all of the unity, c# stuff and also the bull. Kelsey found the images, the buttons and did the resource finding.

Challenges we ran into

MS paint has a limited number of undos and Rahima had to learn about how to do scenes and audio and all the Unity UI and view elements. We had bigger ideas but had to be realistic and start super small.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We've been to 1-2 hackathons in the past, but weren't confident enough to actually create something. So this is our first ever actual submission and demo.

What we learned

24 hours isn't a lot of time. We were a bit too relaxed at the beginning and didn't have time to make what we envisioned. Also learnt a lot about the technical aspects of game building.

What's next for Bull Hunt

We'd quite like to finish it off and give it a nice UI. Some more challenges would also be nice.

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