• Inspiration: Our inspiration for creating this app came when we though about how people who are in emergency disasters such as medical and other such as fire and shooting lock down and evacuations need to call law enforcement and their friends and family separately. This app allows a person in disaster to communicate to law enforcement and everyone else at the same time.

  • What it does: This app lets a person in disaster to call 911, friends and family and other at the same time with one call to let them know. Other features of this app includes locating the exits and lock down locations on the map and going there via google maps API feature pin point. Another cool feature that our project includes is creating a group message platform for people in the same disaster based on location they are in so that they can communicate and avoid the shooter.

  • How we built it:

We used html 5, css, firebase, google material design and Google maps API to built an app that provides information to people in danger and emergency responders.

  • Challenges we ran into:

Firebase cloud messaging took us about 10 hours and as a group we still have been unsuccessful to figure out the correct way of usage. We tried to implement a Google assistance into firebase which functions perfectly with the Google Home assistance but due to lack of time we weren't able to implement that in.

  • Accomplishments that we're proud of: We figured out how to implement in an map that figures out the exact location of the individual in danger. Cloud firestore and the ideas on how to implement UI in our project. We also figured out use Google off sign in for our project.

  • What we learned: What we learned is to how to manage time better for our project through more specific planning. We had difficulties with time when it came to implementing the Google maps API which took us about 6 hours and Firebase cloud messaging took about 10 hour which restricted us from working on other different tasks in the project.

  • What's next for Bull Horn: Having a native app and having more virtual system accessibility which makes it easier for the users of this app to navigate the app better and have more options to choose from. We also thought about adding a live-streaming feature in the app that allows a person in an emergency situation to document what is happening.

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