For years in the eCommerce sphere, the B2C sector has attained growth and canopied the market without much trouble. But haven’t seen this growth in the B2B sector. With the growing use of mobile phones and the global digitalization in progress, Our aim is to make the B2B market grow by app-based solutions which meet and cater to the demands.

What it does

We are dealing with the glorious B2B industry. Through our platform, we are aiming to solve the complete problems of retailers facing in the traditional markets. We have Bulkoos associates and technology enriched platforms for getting regular orders, shipment, billing, delivery, payment collection, returns and much more.

We are connecting the manufactures and wholesale dealers for getting best goods at the best rate without the chain of middlemen. Our website and mobile application let the customers visit thousands of wholesale markets virtually. Users can negotiate on the price and place the order as a deal with the seller.

How we built it

UI/UX : Adobe XD, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, ProtoPie.

Mobile Application : Flutter, Dart, Node js.

Web Platform : JS, HTML, CSS, jQuery, Laravel.

Database : My SQL, Firestore, Firebase, Cassandra, mongoDB.

ML & Data Analytics : Python, Pandas, Apache hadoop, Storm.

Infrastructure : docker, kubernetes, AWS.

APIs : FFDC, Rest API.

Challenges we ran into

To make a detailed pitch video in very short duration.

The complete platform (Including Mobile app and backend web softwares) is heavy, doing most of the features with a serious confined proportion of time is a challenge.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

A well shaped solution for uplifting the B2B market.

Changing wholesalers and retailers from the traditional way of market.

Succesful payment transactions with ffdc.

Making things so easier in the B2B wholesale market.

What we learned

API Handling.

Challenges in B2B markets.

Learned more about the scope of B2B markets.

What's next for Bulkoos

As of today, we have 100+ manufacturers and 300+ sellers already on the platform and we are ready to launch in India within 6 months, we aim to expand in other countries like the US, North America,Europe, etc later on.

Onboarding more manufacturers and sellers into our platform and making it more stronger.

Our plan is not only to provide global business opportunities through new age solutions but also come with a promise that we will solve the problems of tomorrow.

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