Let’s be honest – not many of us will wake up in the morning and go out to get some freshly baked croissant or bread. And if you’ve bought some yesterday evening, it won’t be that good in the morning. So we’ve thought – what if we help people to easily enjoy fresh bread with their morning coffee or tea? Thus, help bakeries to increase their revenue by organizing early-morning delivery of their goods and create a friendly network of bread delivery shops around the city

Benefits for clients:

1) Get your morning bakery delivery from selected bakeries located nearby

2) You can choose what do you want to enjoy with your morning coffee or tea and get it delivered starting the very next morning

3) Choose between one-time and regular delivery – however you can always change your preferences and try new goods whenever you want it; your delivery is customizable as well - choose your set of products for every day

Benefits for bakeries:

1) Don’t spend money and time on your delivery service website – we’ve got it already done for you

2) Subscription plans – once-in-a-month payment without any commission %

With every subscription plan you get your own bakery shop office account with some cool features:

• Interactive map - see where your clients are located

• Map routing - logistics have never been so easy

• Menu editor - fill in your range of goods

• Feedback page - make sure your clients are 100% satisfied

• Financial page - manage your subscription plans and check it's status.

• Also 24/7 support is included in every plan.

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