We wanted to make a web app which would display the search results from both apple and spotfy. In this way, you would be able to listen to any song, even ones that may only be available on one app, through this web app. We had never used nodejs, react, or javascript before. Immediately we realized we were going to need some tutorials help to get our feet on the ground. While Jackson did this, I created a front end out of html and css which I hoped would be added later. Once we were able to authenticate a user and grab information, I worked to understand the spotify api's library functions, through trial and error. By inspecting the network activity I was able to discern the return types and necessary parameters and created functions to get songs, albums, artists, and playlists. All of these are now working. Finally, we wanted a nice user interface. I tried to use the front end I had created before but quickly realized it was impossible given that the user must be authenticated and I would not be able to send the information from the html page via URL. We did not have time to implement the apple API or create a nicer user interface, but these are our goals moving forward.

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