Have you ever felt like you just can’t choose the music to fit your mood? Sometimes you play something too energetic right before going to sleep, so you end up staying up all night, binge watch series, finally take a pill, sleep in, miss the meeting with CEO, get fired. Or vice versa, you start your happy & sunny day with Adele, remember your ex, start missing her/him, dump your current significant other and then realise you have no place to stay at so you go back to your mom’s house. Yeah, these moments suck.

What it does

Bulbul plays the right music at the right moment. We know user’s mood, activity level, wake up time, falling asleep time and so on. We also know user’s musical preferences, for some people happy music means christian heavy metal and to others it means Texas country music. So with all that awesome data, user just has to press Play. No more inner battles over what to listen.

How we built it

Well, we started with brainstorming for ideas as we came here empty-handed. When we got the idea, we started working on it. We came up with the name and the story, made the logo, started designing and implementing the product.

Challenges we ran into

Sloppy APIs

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Trying new tools for the first time!

What we learned

New tools, using new APIs, teambuilding, having fun and trying not to stress too much

What's next for BulBul

We want Bulbul to be even smarter! Nerdy little birdie that learns from you habits and activities. Real-time, easy and accurate.

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