Made a mistake with the spelling of Rapyd in my presentation. Running out of time and I did not cross-check it.


Let me tell you a story - My mom has a friend in South Africa, and they communicate on an instant messaging app. Her friend just had a baby and my Mom says, “Let me send you some money” but it’s not that simple. My mom has to send to one person and that person has to send to another person before it gets to her friend. When she receives the money, she is shortchanged thanks to bank charges and currency differences. It’s crazy, right?

Aside from the high transaction fees, roadblocks, unnecessary middlemen and the risk of a third party not remitting money to the receiver, we use too many apps. Technology is supposed to make life easy - not complicated.

What it does

With Bulan, you do not need multiple apps or worry about high bank charges or delayed payments. You can:

  • Communicate (instant messaging)
  • Send and receive money (wallet to wallet) on the same platform
  • Withdraw money into your bank accounts or local ewallet
  • Find gigs and businesses
  • Trade and collaborate
  • Pay bills


  • Quick and Rapyd Transactions
  • Low charges
  • No third parties (transfer wallet to wallet)
  • One platform for everything

How it was built

I had challenges working with the APIs. When I realized the time was short for me to do anything significant, I decided to opt for a prototype using Figma.

What's next for Bulan App

I really like this project, although it is complicated, I would love to develop it further in future. If anyone is interested in the files, do not hesitate to reach out.

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