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Set your bookmarks ablaze


My project is RenGoku, a self-hosted, feature-packed yet lightweight bookmark manager. I am a budding digital gardener. I have a private Git repository called brain with about 110 markdown files. It contains all sorts of information, stories, ideas, posts, projects, lists etc. I think about. One such list are categorized websites that I want to preserve for eternity. Maybe it's a very productive discussion on a forum or a classic story that makes me appreciate the whole domain of technology. I find myself hoarding a lot of links.

In doing all this, I found existing solutions very limiting. Raindrop felt closest to being the best solution. But still the ergonomics pained me. Also, I cannot pay for the premium at the moment. Sure, I had browser bookmarks. But I don't want to use the same browser across all my devices. Why do none of them have advanced features like tagging based on URL?

Hence, I built RenGoku with 3 principles: ergonomics, power and ownership.

What it does

Rengoku is a self-hosted, feature-packed yet lightweight bookmark manager.


✅: Done | 🚧: WIP | ⏳: Not started

  • ✅ Tagging
  • 🚧 Keeping in folders
  • Actions based on URLs
    • ✅ Auto tagging
    • ✅ Save websites based on URL patterns
    • 🚧 Save to folder
  • ✅ Offline saving of files
  • ✅ Metadata fetching
  • ✅ Web Client
  • ⏳ Import/Export from/to Netscape Bookmark HTML File
  • ⏳ Desktop Client
  • ⏳ Mobile Client
  • ⏳ CLI CLient
  • ⏳ Web Extension

How I built it

I was totally new to Go.

Challenges I ran into

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

What's next for RenGoku


I started learning Golang a month ago. Despite doing a couple of tutorials here and there, I couldn't find myself confident in the language. That's when I came across GoHack and decided to take part in the first hackathon in my life that I genuinely wanted to take part in and do it seriously.

RenGoku is a reference to the character Kyojuro Rengoku from KNY. Set your bookmarks ablaze.

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