"Knowledge" probably is the only "good" that can't be lost or taken away, therefor the most precious in the world. So we wonder, if knowledge can be obtain by reading, why are people losing this habit every day? Why do they get dissappointed by literature? We got to the conclusion that economics and practicality are key factors. Also we discover that 73.4% of people in our country has a smartphone. We got to the conclusion that creating an app would be the best option.

How does it work?

Our project is called Buko, is an app where you subscribe to lend and receive books for a limited time. For example, you can lease a book for two weeks. This way we are practicing circular economy and the 3R's, you will be able to lend the books you aren't using to people in your area. For a limited time, your book will be available for leasing and then it returns to the original owner. This app lets you rate and know the state of the book in order to make sure that everyone will take correct care of the object. The app will apply a penalty if the book presents signs of misusing and extra benefits for those benefactors that usually lend books.

We got 2 types of subscription: individual and institutional (in the near future). And will offer different prices and packages in accordance to their different neccesities.

How we built? Our first step was to choose and design mock-ups of the different screenviews to use as templates. Then, we used Android studio (IDE) to program the app using kotlin. During this creation process we chose a tech-friendly approach by working on a native development basis. We gave it this functions: Log in with google, reserve books, track delivery location.

As an extra, we decided to built VR spaces to create a new reading experience. This VR (virtual reality) was assembled in Unity and its purpose is to produce a space based on the book the person is reading. For example: if you are reading about Dracula, a dark and transilvanian environment will be reproduce.

Challenges: Right now, the most challenging part is to have a better quality data base. Our customers could be in the danger that anyone could hack and have their information. We would like to have the RDS from AWS to solve this difficulty. Also we want to use a better software creating plattaform as Pinpoint instead of google, because the first one has many options and experience in delivery services.

FOR AN APP PREVIEW PLEASE WATCH THIS VIDEO: https://youtu.be/NiCT3ZxVFIc FOR A PREVIEW OF HOW THE VR WOULD WORK, CLICK HERE: https://youtu.be/2fcv7fRLRIY *From the TRY OUT LINK you can obtain the APK for Android

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