Blockchain: Blockchain can be described as a data structure that holds transactional records and while ensuring security, transparency, and decentralization.

Blockchain technology produces a structure of data with inherent security qualities. It's based on principles of cryptography, decentralization, and consensus, which ensure trust in transactions.

Smart Contracts: A smart contract is an agreement between two people in the form of computer code. They run on the blockchain, so they are stored on a public database and cannot be changed.


We are trying to solve the problem of financial inclusion and facilitate trade within communities that do not have access to traditional banking or have been excluded.

What we did

Throughout the weekend, we identified the problems and came up with a solution through these processes:

  • Problem identification
  • Highlight import and urgent needs
  • Designed two user personas
  • Outlined Assumptions, Feasibility, Viability, and Responsibility
  • Generated ideas (sketching and notes)
  • Picked two important ideas and expatiated further
  • Voted on the best ideas and picked the ones we want to develop
  • Developed three ideas further
  • Created the POC (paper prototype).
  • Envisioned the project

Challenges we ran into

  • Finding the right mentors to give proper advice
  • Difficult to find blockchain mentors
  • Lack of Sleep, Time and Network Issues
  • Technical knowledge and implementation of the blockchain

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Completing the miro board on time
  • Validate our idea
  • We did risk research and made mitigation actions

What we learned

All team members of Boku were able to grow their area of competence by participating in the whole process of idea definition, market research, validation, prototyping, and presentation. Through different mentor sessions, we learned that problems could be approached by any means, but most importantly our mission should be clear. Some members learned how to use the MIRO board and got a basic understanding of BlockChain and Smart Contract Technology.

What's next for Boku

  • Build a prototype or an MVP
  • Get customer feedback and rework the idea
  • Create a Beta Version
  • Launch the product to the market

Built With

  • miro
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