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Ever been frustrated while trying to organise a hang-out, meeting or party? It can seem almost impossible to choose a time when everyone's available.

At Büiz-é, we wanted that struggle to become a thing of the past.

How it works

Quickly create a user tag, create your calendar, and share the link with your friends. Your friends add their calendars with a simple click and drag, and with our unique calendar overlay, you'll be able to see -- in one glance -- when you're all free.

How it's made

The app's beating heart consists of Flask and Python, which handle the database that stores users and events. On the front end, we made use of JavaScript, AJAX and JQuery, making particular use of the FullCalendar.js library.

Challenges we ran into

We had many challenges in communicating with the database, as well as making the heavy customisations necessary for our desired calendar functions.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We tried hard to create a front end that was warm, friendly and easy to navigate. Give it a try... we hope you'll agree!

What's next for Büiz-é

  • We'd love to add Google Calendar integration!
  • Facebook Messenger plugin functionality would make sharing 10x easier for our users. Definitely a must!
  • Support for scannable QR codes.
  • An API, to allow other developers to use our simple interface.
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