💡 Inspiration

The U.S. produces 268 million tons of trash annually. Most of them are composed of recyclable items. Our team members brainstormed on how to reduce environmental pollution caused by this devastating volume of trash. And being inspired by the second-hand marketplaces, we came up with "Built-it". We believe to reduce this pollution the makers should be empowered. Built-it encourages them to make use of recycled items by letting them sell their products. So that they generate revenue by keeping their waste minimum and helping society.

👀 What it does

It lets users showcase their creations, made by using recycled items, and also sell them while giving how-to instructions.

🏃 How we built it

  • Frontend: HTML, CSS, ReactJS, Bootstrap
  • Database: Firebase
  • Authentication: Auth0
  • Deploying and hosting a website using Heroku
  • Prototyping: Figma

🔥 Use of Firebase

  • We have used Firebase as a database. We stored user's data, all the items from users into Firebase

🔐 Use of Auth0

  • We have used Auth0 for secure user authentication and send data to Firebase to store user's items

⚔️ Challenges we ran into

  • We had two separate cloud services for storage and authentication, this required extra work for synchronization.
  • There were lots of overlapping components. We tried to keep our code as "clean" and modular as possible.

🏆 Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • We built a web app from scratch to deployment.
  • We successfully integrated our app to cloud services.

📖 What we learned

  • We learned to develop a collaborative project
  • We learned how to connect a web app to cloud services
  • We learned advanced state management in React

⚡ What's next for BuiltIt

  • We will integrate our app Twilio and Stripe for payments.
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