League of Legends' Pick Em's, traditional fantasy football, and post match threads on reddit all provided inspiration to create this project. We wanted to create an application that encapsulated the game aspect of Pick Em’s and fantasy football, but also provide an easy way to view a team’s performance.

What it does

Built Diff is a webapp that allows you to construct your own Valorant team from a pool of pro players and watch them compete in the latest e-sports tournaments. Kills, deaths, and assists your players earn will contribute to your team's overall combat score. You can compete against your friends and the global leaderboards to see who drafted the true champions. It's split into two parts: one, where you have a flow creating the team out of pro players; and two, a dashboard aggregating all of your information.

How we built it

The frontend uses React and Typescript, while the backend uses Django and Postgres. All of our data (player data, post match threads, etc) is sourced off of the Liquipedia API.

Challenges we ran into

Parsing through a lot of data - since Liquipedia has fairly large information dumps from its endpoints, it was challenging (but doable!) coordinating on knowing which backend endpoints to build and how they fulfilled frontend requirements. Additionally, there were a few challenges with some frontend libraries that we were using, that required some out of box thinking. Also the Liquipedia API doesn’t yet have the average combat score of a player after a game, so we resorted to a performance metric that is based on KDA instead.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

...that somehow we built the project

What we learned

More about the specific technologies we were working with, how Valorant tournaments work, connecting Django and React

What's next for Built Diff - Valorant Fantasy League

Going public….

Built With

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