We wanted the project to be as simple and minimilistic as possible. SO, we used as little hardware as possible, simple enough to fit in a credit card sized box.

What it does

_ Alexa, ask Hack IoT the temperature right now. _

_ The temperature is 78.98 degrees fahrenheit. _

You can place the device anywhere within proximity of wifi and it will start keeping a log of values on our thingspeak channel in the links section below. Then, we created a lambda function to access the Thing Speak API of our channel and fetch the latest data. This function is called from our Alexa skill which then is invoked by out invocation phrase.

How we built it

The hardware used is ESP8266 and BME280 flashed with ESPEasy 147 firmware. The lambda function is on Node.js and the Alexa Skill is in JSON format. The skill name is Hack IoT.

Challenges we ran into

The firmware was panicking because the chip is designed to be used on 3.3V but apparantly the amperage was not enough to power the wifi module and we then stepped up the voltage to 5V which fixed the issue.


The system is running on standalone without a single restart till now and there is no data loss. It is battery powered and hence, no external power source is required.

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