Our own personal struggles of being university students with busy schedules has led us to create this application, that utilises an advanced algorithm to send you to the best locations of your choosing. Keeping up-to-date with university commitments and having a social life can be difficult, thats why we wanted to take the pressure off of students and help them plan their day. From visiting the bank to getting a haircut done before a date night, Plan My Day is the assistant you've always needed.

What it does

Our web application gives the user a detailed map with directions of how to get to certain places. We take into account places with the best reviews, in order to find the best locations for the user.

How to use it

User chooses the types of places that they want to go to i.e. hair cut, dentist, lawyer, and input their estimated duration time. After user input, our web application locates the best places within a radius of the users location and returns the best route.

How we built it

We used React for the front end and Flask for the bank end, along with a lot of Google APIs! Our server is deployed on Google Cloud and we used Semantic UI for our UI library.

Challenges we ran into

  • Finding locations of places within a certain radius
  • Displaying Google Maps with data

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Sleek design and effective UI
  • Integration of all our work, from backend to frontend
  • Displaying Google Maps with data

What we learned

  • using the Google Maps APIs
  • using GitHub
  • use Python to parse data

What's next for Plan My Day

We plan to develop this web application further by adding more useful features such as: saving favourite locations, best departure and arrival times.

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