Since our team was from Canada, and we had never been to Princeton before, when most of our team arrived at Princeton, we didn't really know where we were. All we had was a map with tiny text that we had printed out. Furthermore, it was after dark when we arrived on campus, so it was quite difficult for us to get our bearings. Eventually, we did manage to find our way to HackPrinceton, but this experience inspired us to make an app that would help others in the same position as we were.

BuildingPoint is a simple app that allows people to determine which building is in front of them, without having to ask around, look for a sign, or search it up. All one needs to do is to point their phone at the building, tap the "Bam!" button, and the app will show the closest buildings within 500m (1500ft) in that direction. If the first result is not what is desired (e.g. it's the building the user is currently in), simply swipe to the left and the next closest building in the same direction will be shown. Included on the same screen is a map showing the building in relation to the user's current position, so the user can more easily find their bearings.

We used Microsoft's Bing Venue Maps API, in conjunction to the smartphone's on-board GPS and compass, in order to determine what the user is pointing at. This allows the app to function wherever Bing Venue Maps has a map. This means that it will work at many shopping malls, universities, (including Princeton!), and many other places, allowing this to be a powerful tool for people visiting a town for the first time. We hope that it will help others, as it would have helped us.

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