Our project is a web and mobile application that allows small business owners the ability to easily and affordable offer discounts to those in their immediate community. The technology uses geographical information to find deals in the area, creating opportunities for businesses and helping to build relationships with their community members that will help everyone involved flourish. We envision this as a way for the little guys to compete with the reach of the big guys, without breaking the bank.

Our Platform works like this: We populate the users device with deals from the community. The user selects the deal he wants to use. We generate a unique QR code for his device. The merchant scans our code and registers the transaction. Both parties have stats available to see both savings for the user, and total customers and revenue etc. for the business. Relationships are made and stronger communities are formed.

We are meshing a variety of technologies together to achieve this goal, including HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, and Java to name a few. The team is made up of four people at the moment. Vincent Kao, Renchie Salido, and Travis & Jennifer Pearman. The project was planned at the 2014 HackCC in Santa Monica. The team was formed and the idea fleshed out on Friday night. Everyone contributed to the evolution of a concept and worked as a team to build out what started as a very rough idea into working code pieces. I built the user auth and QR code generator as well as the Google map radius business finder. Jennifer built the logo branding and promotional video. Renchie worked on the visual styles of the back end admin, and Vince worked on setting up tables in the database. A domain was purchased to demo the project on, however we could not utilize the shared server and relied on a local dev environment to demo and test our code.

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