Inspiration -

During this COVID-19 situation all the business organization and all their employees got affected in all the way of their office work. All have to shift their work-from-office to work-from-home. Before COVID-19 their was a one discipline, there were fundamentals about it. We had a dedicated space, systems, rules, times, etc. etc.

Each organization has its first focus to protect its main Assets - like data, systems, employees, strategies, customers, products, formulae's etc. Till date, all these assets were getting accessed from a single location. It was very easy to monitor their access and systems.

But, Now, this all have been changed. All organizations have advised to their employees to work-from-home. This is the biggest change in all the way of our lives - business, family, society, lifestyle in all the way and this happened so sudden.

Currently, all the business, employees, organizations are getting adopted to this new change. It will take another few days to get settle, indeed almost it has been settled so far. But, the biggest upcoming hurdle which will face by each one of the organizations - is their Asset Security.

Most of the organizations asked Work-from-Home option for their employees and it got implemented on immediate basis. Usually, each organization has their BCP plans ready but not 100%. Its hard for them to make available the BCP arrangements on sudden basis but somehow the BCP teams have managed and showcased their promptness by whichever mode available.

The employees have started their work-from-home from remote locations and accessing their work from all available devices, like personal laptop, from different browsing stations, mobiles etc. but the question is - Are they enough protected from hackers? NO.

Its easy to hack the information for hackers from these personal devices, so the idea to bring here about - "BUILT ADVANCED SECURITY BASED AND CUSTOMISED VIRTUAL SYSTEMS FOR THE INDIVIDUAL ORANIZATIONS"

What it does -

This will require multi level security based private work area customized as per the employees work and access requirements.

How I built it -

Network Patch, Security Enhancements, Antivirus protection, Cryptographic designs, Customized applications, Privacy restrictions, singe network access, server monitoring, access restrictions etc.

Challenges I ran into -

Building advanced more secure system access

Accomplishments that I'm proud of -

Idea getting into implementation

What I learned -

Upcoming threats from the hackers

What's next for Building Virtual Client Systems for Organizations -

Immediate focus on the system and data security.

Built With

  • access-monitoring
  • antivirus
  • api
  • customized-applications
  • cyptography
  • host
  • security
  • server
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