The idea of our project was developed at early morning. We wanted to be unique. Two of us had already been to hackathons and we saw a trend in hackathon projects. Alot of hackers would target the health and education problems. I must have seen at least 10 different web applications targeted toward predicting cancer using AI or a new accessible way for education. Architecture is a unique but fascinating topic that we decided to present about.

What it does

We saw the prompt “rise to new heights” and we decided to take the prompt both metaphorically and literally. And so we built a website that can help users model an office building or a home. The user has the option to adjust the amount of bedrooms, bathrooms, floors, and the total square feet for the house model. For the office building, we give the user the option to adjust the amount of floors and total square feet.

How we built it

For our website design, we used javascript, HTML, and CSS. We also used a tool known as Unity which builds 3D models. We used a chatGPT API to take in the amount of bedrooms, bathrooms, and total square feet of the plot to return a coordinate system of the walls. We then took that output and put it into Unity to build the 3d model of the house.

Challenges we ran into

Limited Knowledge - unpredicted required languages Unpredicted WIFI Issues - 5 hours

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our attempted output nearly worked and for our team's first hackathon, we believe that we worked with what we had and given more time, could submit a response to this prompt that could generate an superior model of design with a working website.

What we learned

Creating a plan and practicing for the event prior to the actual Hackathon is imperative so a successful project. Finding out all needed tools and preparing for the worst is also a necessity for a triumphant event.

What's next for Building the Future

Although this attempt may not have been most optimal, we would like to pursue and complete this project in our spare time.

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