Deaf people ask me if I can teach them how to develop a mobile app or facebook messenger I have done. As Deaf Full Stack developer, I realise that there is a lack of tutorial information for Deaf developers who they want to learn from any online tutorial or video contents that are inaccessible to them due to lack of closed-caption or english subtitle. I am learning how to develop both written and video tutorial in sign language for both Hearing and Deaf developers in the world.

What it does

It shows some steps how to build Sign Language Dictionary Bot on Facebook Messenger in node.js. It is in both written and video tutorial. The video tutorial in sign language is for Deaf developers

How I built it

Please check my tutorial on github how to build Sign Language Dictionary Bot in node.js

Challenges I ran into

The biggest challenges I face was to understand Tutorial Writing Tips on Facebook livestream because they don't have closed caption but Practical insights into Messenger for your tutorial submissions video has closed caption. I try to google to find written tutorial tips to basically understand before I start to write my first tutorial.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It is my first time to write a tutorial how to build sign language dictionary on Facebook Messenger.

What I learned

I learned some new tutorial tips that help me to understand how to write a tutorial.

Sustainability plan

After this challenge is over, I would continue to create more video tutorials in a sign language for both Deaf and Hearing developers who want to know how to build app/chatbot using Facebook products.

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