The Survival Toolkit Helps WonderServices Manage Crisis

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Victoria, owner of WonderServices and her 10 employees, face an uncertain future for the company, but Victoria is dedicated to bring WonderServices out of this crisis even stronger. It is great that she has the most important information that she needs, right now, just one click away to access her digital Survival Toolkit.

What is the Survival Toolkit?

The Survival Toolkit is a new interactive digital platform that consists of resources and tools that can help Victoria and WonderServices immediately to rebuild from this crisis.

Fix My Business Now and Adapt the Organization

How long can we survive? How do we “Go Digital”? Who are my new suppliers? The Survival Toolkit offers Victoria business critical checklists in order for her to set priorities around financial, technical and legal issues immediately and stabilize her business. She also needs access to experts or other resources where she can learn and help WonderServices adapt quickly.

Relaunch, Retool, and Reshape for the Future

Since her supply chain has cracked, Victoria has to find new partners and ways of working to survive the crisis. The Partner-Matching Tool, the Collective purchasing power tool and the Customer loyalty Crowdsourcing tool helped her and the support to build an agile-not-fragile-future.

Check out the Survival Toolkit Right Now:

And the best thing is the tool is already here: Build resilience through the power of the network. Stronger together with other Swiss SMEs.

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