We got here... and thought it was a cyber security competition... didn't really look into it... so, what is close to hacking, but not illegal.

What it does

The agent scans for Bluetooth devices in the area and sends the sql database it creates to a central server. In this case it is abstracted just using the cp command in bash, we would change that to scp in the future and optimize.

How I built it

We used bluetools a python library that controls Bluetooth and sqlite3 to create the databases in a Ubuntu virtual machine. We were trying to connect it to google cloud services but couldn't understand how to connect it while burnt out at 4am.

Challenges I ran into

There is no easy way to merge 2 sql databases for some reason. so I had to write a python script that finds a row I want to add or replace and copies it in.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Seeing the backbone work after not coding for 1.5 years and after 4 hours of doing python codecademy... again and never touching database till now really made me happy.

What I learned

How to sqlite. Honestly just sitting down and doing it made me learn quite a bit and I never seen it before. I also learned how to use Bluetooth which will be really useful for my IOT research back at school.

What's next for building query

  • make it more scalable
  • optimize
  • Put it on cloud services (google, aws, azure)
  • make an installer for arduino or raspberry pi
  • secure it because making this made my blue team heart hurt
  • implement it around school (maybe?)
  • work on more devices to implement in the network (school/business notifications?)

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