My design scheme is inspired by the avatar I drew and the layout itself is an iteration of the many design drafts I made for the site.

What it does

Since this site currently holds my design works, it is a portfolio meant for the interviewing process.

How I built it

HTML and Sass. For the wireframes and design flow I used Figma.

Challenges I ran into

Some icons weren't showing so I switched from ion icons to fontawesome icons, but they didnt show as well.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I finally picked a web design layout I felt good following through. The past iterations would often make me realize there was too much clicking or irregular styling for aesthetics. I'm very proud that the site is responsive, which wasn't something my sites usually do before.

What I learned

I never used bootstrap to this capacity before, which made this build a helpful way to really get into the Sass x Bootstrap documentation.

What's next for Building my portfolio with bootstrap

Creating a page for resources! I absolutely love resources whether thats for college, design, tech, discounts, etc. I often help folks find opportunities for many different reasons, rather than copy and pasting from my list, I hope to just send over a link to my directory.

  • This project was ideated before Local Hack Day but developed during this time*

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