In this time of caring for others, I am not sure that too many leaders have reflected on where they stand towards supporting others. I believe they will go back to their old behaviors, the moment the crisis is over. They only way we can support them is to give them feedback on how we see them and help them to build inner security to be able to reach out to others in need.

We have created 8 identities to be assessed in oneself for building a healthier self-image. The identities are assessed by open-ended questions, which already exist, though is mainly used for self-awareness and not yet for feedback.

The questionnaires are built on a concept from Tavistock Institute and validated by myself through coaching sessions.

The challenge is that having in-depth self-awareness is not sufficient in building a healthy self-image. The self-knowledge has to overlap with the feedback one gets from others. The bigger the overlap between who you believe you are and the feedback you get from others on how they perceive you, the healthier your self-image can develop.

I am proud that the book I published, where the questionnaires are included, is selling ;-)

My limitation is that I do not know how to program an App. I have started to have it programmed by a company in India - when the two persons, I was working with, left the company everything came to a stillstand.

Next is to build an App, which functions like a 360° feedback, meaning the person who would like to get feedback on his/her identities, would send out the open-ended questions to anybody he/she trust on feedback. The others will complete the sentences and send it back, though the person who is being evaluated will only receive the feedback, once more than two people have completed the feedback (to keep the feedback anonymous).

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