We love Biology and Virtual Reality, and want to create something helpful and interesting for younger kids

What it does

The user can grab organelles flowing in the air and put them inside the cell to make a real eukaryon animal cell

How we built it

We use Blender to create all the organelles, and Unity to create the game. We use Leap Motion to detect the movement of hands and Oculus to create visual studio. Finally, we use Prezi to create the demo and Myo to control the demo.

Challenges we ran into

Windows had an account trouble and we couldn't download the app for Oculus Leap Motion didn't work for a little while Unity corrupted some of the files Difficult to write the correct functions for detection and collision sphere

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We finally made the whole projects The organelles we created are really beautiful We successfully created a score board that can detect and count organelles and make the game interesting We used a lot of hardwares. Virtual Reality is really amazing

What we learned

How to use and connect all the hardwares Most Virtual Reality devices can work together How to use Unity program a game and create objects in Blender

What's next for Building a basic eukaryon animal cell

Building plant cell, protokaryon cell, proteins and other Biology stuffs

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