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Who We Are

We are a team of Full Stack Blockchain Software Engineers in the USA and Singapore. Our focus is on building Programmable, Utility NFTs. We see NFTs as tokenized React Applications.

Click the link below for full details on our thinking about NFTs:

NFTs Are More Than Goofy Jpegs

We see NFTs as tokenized React Applications. They serve as hybrids which connect the on- and off-chain worlds. This means they are minified programs that consume, generate, and manipulate data.

In short, NFTs serve as tokenized software programs which double as containers of value!

— Code Sport Labs

How We Have Integrated With BitTorrent Chain

1. Live Website is Up (BTTC Donau Testnet):

2. July 2022 Demo Video of Live Deployment to BTTC:

3. Governance Contracts are Deployed to BTTC Donau. BTTC-Scan Confirmations:


We were inspired by web design studios of the Web 1.0 and 2.0 era.

Business Goal

Our goal is to spinoff our blockchain R&D efforts into a into an independent Blockchain Development Studio.

Our studio is dedicated building Blockchain projects primarily for:

  • Fortune 500 companies
  • Digital Studios & Marketing Agencies.

Matt Smolin's Hang is a prime example of a Web 3.0 development studio we would like to work with.

And, according to TechCrunch:

Web3 startup Hang is one such startup looking to build up a client base of brands and help them leverage NFTs to replace their existing membership and loyalty programs

Use Cases of Programmable and Utility NFTs

We see NFTs as tokenized React Applications. Novel features of such NFTs include:

  1. Programmable payments (e.g. salaries, dividends, interest, awards, etc.)
  2. Access control functionality (membership)*
  3. Governance (Voting) via an ERC-721 DAO
  4. Dynamic QR Codes
  5. Payment Escrows
  6. Brick and mortar payments integration (QR code scanning and crypto wallet integration)
  7. Mini E-Commerce Stores

We explore these use cases further in our blog post, Use Cases for Utility & Programmable NFTs

What it does

This is an ERC-721 DAO that uses Programmable, Utility NFTs.

The project also includes a live site which integrates native, on-chain governance UI as well members' registration. We incorporated a full-suite of Programmable & Utility NFT functionality into the custom minter contract.

How we built it

Next.js, Tailwind, Hardhat, Solidity, MongoDB, OpenZeppelin

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are volunteers based in Singapore and the USA. We became good friends because of this project. We were able to meet an aggressive deadline and milestone map while still having time to eat, sleep, and exercise.

Upgrades and Fixes

Upgrades and Fixes

1. Finance Pages: Instead of a 404, provide message to install Metamask or just allow these pages to be viewed by users without Metamask. That is, window.ethereum == undefined

2. The frontend code for the vote:

  • Add timer/countdown until voting period expires
  • Use event listeners to show live vote tally
  • Non-members cannot vote, so alert if users are not members and redirect somewhere else.

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