With the ever increasing population in developing nations, it is becoming extremely difficult to efficiently manage our resources. Some of the problems we face everyday are pollution, excessive traffic levels, which makes it impossible for us to navigate with ease. This brings us to the need of smart cities, where resources are utilized in the most effective way as possible.

However, setting up the infrastructure for smart cities incurs a lot of expenditure. Our idea is to use the existing street lights infrastructure, convert them into smart nodes to capture vital data across the city, which can help us manage cities efficiently.

How it works

Each street light is considered as a node and a graph is maintained in the backend to keep track of a street light's adjacent nodes. Master-Slave architecture has been implemented minimized the cost. In real-world master and slave can communicate with each other via PLC (Power Line Communication). This drastically reduces the infrastructure cost. Traffic intensity is monitored using the network of sensors. The data is analyzed to effectively route traffic and other resources.

Challenges I ran into

  • Getting the sensor network to work, which comprised of Intel Edison Board, motion sensors and light sensors.
  • Handling concurrent requests from multiple nodes.
  • Establishing a communication channel between distinct nodes via the Internet.
  • Coming up with a generic way to model street lights and the connections between adjacent nodes.
  • Creating visualizations with unity.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Built a working sensor network, which can talk to the Internet.
  • Implemented a master-slave model among sensors to reduce cost and resource consumption.
  • Modeled an architecture to effectively model nodes and establish interconnection between them.
  • Ability to understand traffic density in real-time.

What I learned

  • Using Django REST Framework.
  • Programming on Intel Edison Board.
  • Many in-depth details about electronics.
  • Programming Using the unity engine.

What's next for Builder

  • Deploying with real street lights.
  • Scaling up with more and more nodes.
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