Brampton is a diverse and booming city with a population of over 600,000, making it the ninth largest city in Canada. Brampton’s annual growth of 13.3% outpaces Toronto at 4.5% or Montreal at only 3.3%, meaning new businesses are popping up left and right. These new store owners will need to find an optimal location of for the business to grow. To do this, they’ll need statistics on business demand, population density, target demographic, and other applicable statistics. Enter Build a Business in Brampton (BBB)

What it does

Build a Business in Brampton’s (BBB) objective is to help emerging businesses find an optimal location to build their business using map data and metadata from Esri Tech’s ArcGIS and Brampton Open Data. We believe BBB has the potential to boost economic development in Brampton.

Challenges we ran into

Initially, we were unsure about how to create value from the main API which we used. Having an abundance of data on Brampton gave us many potential ideas, but we came to the conclusion that applying the data to determine where to start a business in Brampton would be. As mentioned earlier, Brampton is the fastest growing city in Canada, and there fore using data to aid in the process of starting new and upcoming businesses seemed the most viable and disruptive option.

What we learned

We accessed spatial data using GeoHub, in addition to layers of filters with the database provided by ArcGIS. As well, we learned how to program using Arcade to create streetview samples of potential areas of interest for Brampton business owners.

Mentor and Mentee

Mentees: Arif and Steven were immersed to the rigorous nature of hackathons, under the mentorship of Simon. They were also able to significantly improve their programming skills under Simon, as he pushed them to get out of their comfort zone and try out new ideas and processes.

Mentor: Simon

What's next for BBB?

In the future, BBB will provide more data and a more algorithmic method to keep providing business owners and entrepreneurs with uniquely crafted business solutions and recommendations for their business~~

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