Sometimes, we get stuck on the small things. We lose sight of the bigger picture. Why not think big? Why not start with your perfect world?

Why not Build Your Own Utopia?

Build Your Own Utopia is a DIY snowglobe kit. You can choose online from a basic kit of parts that we will provide as "components of utopia". Utopia is different for every person. Don't see you component on the list? Not a problem! I have the expertise to help you fabricate your vision with custom 3D modeling. You can also select from an increasing library of digital objects from the Internet. These can be 3D printed at a local shop or in your own room with desktop 3D printers.

What would a zero carbon world look like? What would a hunger-free world look like?

Build Your Own Utopia encourages looking at the bigger picture in a fun, whimsical, and tangible way. People will also be able to upload their utopian vision online with a small description. Each DIY kit therefore also creates and builds a collective narrative about a better world.

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