so we are big star trek and sci fi fans. and therefore, we must explore the possibility of interstellar colonization

What it does

shows you what planets of the known habitable exoplanets we can colonize using some current, theoretical and proposed technologies

How we built it

scraping data from the NASA exoplanet archive, curated the data, built the models, applied the models to the data and came up with theoretical timeframes required for colonization

Challenges we ran into

data is sparse, and incomplete, and often unconfirmed. Plus, the data covers a tiny sliver of the galaxy. Many assumption were made, these could be improved with better physics (and some help from astrophysics guys, please?)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

its a start..

What we learned

the galaxy is a really big place, and we are very far off from technologies which have interstellar colonization capabilities

What's next for build the federation

first contact protocols? or more specifically, expanding the model with beter physics, more propulsion models, more realistic astrobiological and colonization parameters, adding unknown parameters.

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