Deaf people can use the app to speak a voice over for them Being Deaf, I have experienced first hand the challenges of finding someone to interpret a voice for me at last minute when I create a video tutorial. I want to make a change for Deaf communities especially students who can use this app to speak a voice over for them.

What it does

The app can speak a voice for Deaf people when they add texts and then click speak button.

How I built it

I developed it using React Native because the app can be downloaded on both iOS and android smartphone

Challenges I ran into

The main challenges faced is that as Deaf person, I am not sure if the voice/audio is good or not good enough to be clear for hearing people.

What's next for Build Text to Voice over using React Native Tutorial

I hope I will continue to make the app easy to use for Deaf people to type text quickly and click speak. Also, it will be real-time speaking at the same time they type text.

Built With

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