Have trouble finding Bamboo in all your Chrome tabs? Have trouble finding the right builds for your project in Bamboo? Want to display build statuses to a non-Bamboo user?

What it does

  • Displays build results from Bamboo Server in a HipChat sidebar.
  • Allows users to start and stop builds from the sidebar in HipChat.
  • You can configure which Bamboo plans to view in each HipChat Room individually.

Requires an Internet-accessible Bamboo Server instance.

How we built it

We created a Ratpack service to run in AWS that handles installations and storing configuration. The configuration page and sidebar are built in React with Redux.

Challenges we ran into

Making AJAX requests from the HipChat client to any given Bamboo Server instance, thanks to CORS.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We built it during a two day Hackathon :)

What we learned

What's next for Build Results Viewer for HipChat

  • Integration with Jenkins/TravisCI/CircleCI
  • Ability to show results of multiple build-servers in a sidebar
  • A behind-the-firewall version

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