We built a tool that allows students to find opportunities build their professional portfolios, while helping start-up entrepreneurs build their products.

How it works

Our web app services as a hub for designers, developers and entrepreneurs to find one another and collaborate on a project.

The site is targeted towards:

  • students looking for projects to build their portfolio
  • start-up entrepreneurs looking for developers/designers

Challenges I ran into

We made use of MongoDB, Node.js and Angular.js, which are technologies that we do not have a lot of experience in. One of the challenges with working with these frameworks is uploading the photo to the database and wiring the backend services to the front-end.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Being able to come up with a pragmatic idea, while implementing it with most functionalities in 48 hours with a design.

What I learned

Planning out project phases and implementing them within a short period of time. Learning new tools to build a better web.

What's next for

Adding functionalities and polishing the design. Making the site responsive and more interactive.

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