Since leaving the US EPA after 30+  years of federal service, Dr. Niemann has continued to work on EPA,, and international data applications as Director and Senior Data Scientist for the Semantic Community and AOL Government as a "data blogger". The June 9th announcement of the EOA Apps for the Environment by Administrator Lisa Jackson was a very significant development because in the broader perspective it made it possible for Dr. Niemann to build on Stage I and envision a Stage III which would make this an even more valuable and sustainable program. Dr. Niemann decided to subdivide Stage II into a Phase I (Making EPA Data More Useful in the Cloud) and Phase II (Chesapeake Bay Program Stats and Indicators in the Cloud) because the 30 data sets needed to be put into a more useful form and because the Chesapeake Bay data sets offered more opportunities for meaningful integration and use by decision makers and the public than the 30 data sets.

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