We wanted to solve a problem that we had from experience. We felt that many people weren't using league guide websites extensively because of how much more effort it took to have another application open or how extensive it was. Tom personally had a friend whose PC could only run discord + league and felt this could help him. Overall we hope to make it practical such that people could type in only one or two commands and return exactly what they would need.

What it does

Buildbot parses websites and uses the Riot API for League of Legends to fetch useful statistics and guides. We have criteria set such that for Mobafire you are getting the top 3 guides for the given patch with the highest ratings. We believe each feature has a unique use for people at various skill levels and should prove useful for many summoners.

How we built it

We built it using Python, Discord.js, Heroku, BeautifulSoup, and Riot API. Primarily because the language mutualism was there and with research efforts we were able to learn what the resources I listed above were able to provide for our project.

Challenges we ran into

There were some git issues that we used as a learning experience, primarily when considering merging our branches. We originally planned to incorporate Liquipedia API or DB to get some professionals as examples for certain champions but due to early key deletions and issues with utilizing the API, we decided to reallocate our efforts. Various other issues such as bug fixing and difficulty scraping certain elements came into play as well.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • The TL Mascot Blue rug our groupmate made during brain breaks
  • Our capability to work as a team and utilizing pair-programming when necessary to fill gaps
  • Learning a ton about BeautifulSoup, APIs, and discord bots
  • Our Logo and group synergy!

What we learned

  • Learned additional usage of git version control (always work off of a branch!)
  • Assignment of tasks was good with Github boards but we eventually fell off and some people took on a bit more
  • We learned that you should test the easiest things first.
  • Learned a lot about scraping the web, class, and APIs
  • Ask for questions and help!

What's next for Build Bot

We hope to implement Runes, Spells, Builds, and Ability order into the embed of !bb Build. We also hope to add additional functionality such as player lookup, additional lane matchup details, that Liquipedia player feature we deallocated, and also various other statistical methods we could still incorporate. We hope to continue to implement features and utilities.

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