Build A Raft

Once upon a time there was a game... Well this isn't like that! You're stranded in small island and you need to get out before you die! In the game you need to take care of your basic needs and build a raft to escape. You can dive into the world yourself with a state of art technology and new game mechanics that HTC-Vive provides. If you are ready to chop some wood now is the time!


We have been making realistic games for a while so we wanted to do something really different and decided to do fun lowpoly/candy-style game with various game mechanics.

What it does

Experience full VR with room scale support. You must survive in the cold island. To survive you have to keep yourself warm, chop wood for the campfire and hunt animals.

How we built it

We had 3 team members, 2 3D-artists and one programmer. We used Unreal Engine 4 as our game engine and 3dsmax as our main modelling software.

Challenges we ran into

Vive-basestation interference problems, one team member could not arrive

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We managed to make whole demo in time.

What we learned

low poly modelling, deepened our knowlegde in VR developing

What's next for Build A Raft

Expand the game and release it

Built With

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