Ah, the good old days of playing SimCity on the shared family computer. Arguing with siblings over whose turn it was to create the next it city, creating towns that fulfilled every whim of your eight year old self. The millennial nostalgia for games like Sims led us to think about our current situations, looking for real neighborhoods to start our fledgling careers and homes. How we long for a city we can customize completely! In comes Build-a-Block, an interactive neighborhood builder to help you find your next home.

What it does

Using a strict budget, build a neighborhood, SimCity style! After deciding what things are important to you in a neighborhood, we match you with a Dallas neighborhood to suit your living needs. Build-a-Block is a great way to bring fun into the search for your next home sweet home.

How we built it

We built an AR app using Vuforia, then used a mix of pre-made and custom 3D models to round out our Sims-style building game. The backend is a flask server, deployed on an AWS EC2 instance with an AI that relies on data harvested from Zillow and Google Maps to match you to your ideal neighborhood.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our beautiful park! Learning 3D modeling was very rewarding. Our group has a lot of diverse background, and with two non-engineer majors, we were able to learn a lot from our group mates.

What's next for Build-a-Block

Expansion pack! Build-a-Block is limited to the Dallas area for now, but given more time and resources we'd love to see it extend all across the country. In practice, we also know we'll learn a lot from our users about what they love about Build-a-Block, and what could be streamlined a little more.

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