The core of BuildersNation is The Builder. Web3 is a social as well as an engineering movement, where the builder creates the basic value, and our goal is to support this ecosystem. Many Web3 early-stage and angel investors are renowned for supporting the creator by giving them a check to go out and build the essential things that will help them get started with their project. These initial checks are highly significant. Builders can use it to pay a few individuals to assist them in delivering a basic MVP, invest in marketing, or at the the least, cover some basic expenses (lunch money) that would allow them to quit their employment and devote their full time to their project. This is the principle that drives Builder's Nation.

What it does

Builder's Nation is inherently a DAO, where BDN (native token) holders can stake their tokens in the protocol to receive monthly stable coin airdrops, participate in governance proposals and enjoy the multi-utility that comes with it (for example sBDN holders can participate in the launchpad). The protocol has a bonding mechanism through which users can mint new token by providing stablecoins to treasury, and we have implemented a dynamic burn mechanism during token sell to keep the total supply in check. The funds from treasury will be then used to invest in new innovative web3 applications, and the generated profits will be re-distributed back to the stakers.

One of the most important features of Buidlers Nation is to create an array of ecosystem apps that bring in revenue to the protocol and multi-utility to the BDN token. Dapp Store is a unique ecosystem which is created with providing initial support to projects to kickstart their launch. We have decide to create a launchpad and a dex initially to help foster new dapps building on EVMOS chain. The benefits for projects are multitude.

  1. Guaranteed access to our launchpad for public/private sales.
  2. Creation of boosted farms for project’s LP after launch.
  3. Marketing, Support and visibility within the DAO Community.
  4. Ability to get funding from the Investment treasury, prior to community decision.

How we built it

We built the project with solidity and hardhat for smart contracts, and javascript, react and web3.js for frontend.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  1. Fully Functional Core App with unique bonding, staking and reward Distribution Mechanics
  2. Fully Functional Launchpad with ability for sBDN holders to invest in public/private presale.

What we learned

Throughout the journey, we have learned how to build a complete dApp and deploy on EVMOS testnet. Also got an understanding of staking, governance models and how to build a DAO.

What's next for Buidler's Nation

We are right now working on a few things, major items that we are looking to finish are

  1. Releasing whitepaper/docs.
  2. Setting up socials and start to build up a community.
  3. Launch the protocol on mainnet.

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