Build a RIG game, where you find and combine NFT tokens to create a Minning RIG. This Minning RIG is minning-producing RT tokens (Erc 20) With RT tokens you can buy other, better NFT parts for Build a better Minning RIG, which give you more RT tokens. But be aware. If your Rig have too much heat, your Minning RIG is stop working. So players have to come play the game every day.

What it does

In the game you have to fight to kill all enemies, collect PC parts-NFT tokens, and build a Mining RIG.

How we built it

We create the game in Unity. Ally draw all parts of NFTs, using tablet for drawing. For animations we are using Blender. Then we learning a lot how to connect the game with Chainlink and Polygon. Creating NFTs on Opensea using Polygon.

Challenges we ran into

Too complex to build in short amount of time with limited knowledge of solidity and other programming languages. First idea and creation was the game: Little red girl, picking up NFTs in the forrest, but then lot of members quit and we change into our new idea to Build a RIG.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Making game Build a RIG. Make it playeble in only 4 weeks. Creating NFTs and posting them on Opensea. Making a web page.

What we learned

We learned a lot of all Chainlink Hackaton videos. So much knowledge, but so many time to put all these in our project. From Unreal Engine Returner have to learn from the start using Unity. Bec. Unity have some plugins to the Blockchain. We start looking into smart contracts, how to connect NFTs from the game into the Blockchain. We learned how to do better animations.

What's next for BUIDL a RIG

Connect with Moralis to the blockchain. Create RT - Erc 20 token. Plan for Tockenomics are ready to distribute. Creating new NFTs parts and tokens. Using Chainlink to connect all project together. Lounch the game in all blockchains. Own web page with domain.

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