Built with Amin Fozi. Californians are the greatest. However in today's technological mecca, and time of great prosperity, Californians have somewhat taken the fact that we are super prone to natural disaster pretty light heartedly. Drills that we run in school are ineffective and I believe that it is necessary for everyone to have a plan if god forbid tragedy does strike.

What it does

Introducing Bug Out 2. We take Google's API and SDK and we help you make a plan for your loved ones by mapping out three rendezvous points and we will find you moments before an oncoming storm. We will prompt you to launch our app and based on your preset rendezvous points, we will use Google to route you to those three possible points and reunite you with your family. Our app will allow you to snap each route on your phone so that if the cellar towers we have grown so accustomed to go down, you won't be stranded.

How I built it

Along with my partner I met here at SD Hacks, we felt the importance of this issue as a social/ public safety issue that goes unaddressed in an effective manner. We feel that since there is a smart phone in most Californian's pockets why not put their emergency preparedness close by so no one get's caught off.

Challenges I ran into

My partner did not know any Swift at all nor he own a Macbook. Swift 3 was upgraded and many of the frameworks both built in and open source were deprecated. It made it challenging on both of us at a complete disadvantage to partner up with each other. However, we felt that we stood to gain a lot more by working on this together. Eg.1 We had to practice that awesome pair programming we do here at UCSD. We took turns programming and debugging. We helped each other out by looking up solutions and translations to Swift 3 from Swift 2.3 to Objective-C. Eg.2 We also learned new ways to parse JSON with the built in JSONSerialization in Swift. It was not without a challenge. Syntax had changed drastically with Swift 3 and the open source framework SwiftyJSON was not up to date and could not be used to parse our JSON code. So we utilized our tutors helps to understand how the JSON worked and we broke it down step by step and I feel better equipped to handle JSON now than ever. I'm sure my partner feels the same.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We were able to parse JSON without SwiftyJSON. Something I had been really reliant on. I am happy that I ran into that challenge and I over came it. I am also proud of building an app that utilized the Google Maps SDK and Google Directions API something I thought was so crazy because I was accustomed to either working primarily with SDKs and hardware. I definetly had to push myself further and make myself uncomfortable to get to this point I feel now and that is boldly proud and happy I came out.

What I learned

How to not be reliant on source frameworks! To be quick on my feet! To work with your partner no matter how frustrating it gets and help each other learn above all. I really focused on integration with Web API and working with a new SDK which was also super nerve wracking at first but ultimately, something incredibly useful.

What's next for BugOut2

-Save options and the emergency provisions list. -Figure out why Firebase Auth failed and allow for group planning via WiFi -Get some travel time data from Google's API -Search for that perfect Natural Disaster alert API which we would use for push notifications. -We are considering Wunderground or

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