NOTE - most of the info is on the landing page already in its own format: The network should be RINKEBY.


We got inspired by other people manufacturing buggies and basically buggies being on the record of other armies as well.

What it does

  1. Tokenizing the Economy
  2. Raising Funds for Ukrainians

We are developing buggies for the Ukrainian army for a very cheap self-cost. Instead of donating money for expensive cars from the market, it's better to donate the same amount to buggy manufacturing and get three times more cars. Previously, we were the only sponsors of the initiative. Today, we are glad to announce that, we are opening a dapp for everyone to easily participate in the manufacturing of the buggies. For every buggy donated, there will be an NFT minted on your personal wallet. Beyond it, in the future, there is a possible tokenization of the buggy manufactory incomes, that could be spread among participants of the staking contract.

How we built it

We are a team of experienced and skilled web3 beasts. It was easy for us to ask our designer to come up with a design, implement the landing and other web-pages on React, then smart contracts on Solidity. The code is located here: Front-end: Contracts:

We also implemented the IPFS and Unstoppable Domains integrations on the website.

Challenges we ran into

Had we had more time - we would've done even more =D

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  1. Buggies that were already manufactured were actually sent to the front-lines and the scouts thanked for that.
  2. We hope that with this initiative of the NFT mint page through donation, we will attract more interested people.

What we learned

Planning ahead should be improved. We are good developers and QAs, but our planning of the tasks should be improved. It was flexible and good, but at some point we had to change requirements for one page and that led in total to -4 hours. We could've done something for those 4 hours.

What's next for BuggyDAO

1) Attract more people for the website. I already talked with many participants of the hackathon and there are people willing to participate. 2) Launch the website on our launchpad (RedDuck's launchpad). However the launchpad is in beta at the moment.

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