Too many items and not enough helpers. Especially if I am in a rushed. We all have needed this tool to find items and get out of the store, whether grocery shopping or to purchase other items. Having this tool reduces stress and time when shopping, providing a better user experience for shoppers.

What it does

On impulse, your best friend is having you over for dinner but she ask that you to pick up her favorite wine bottle and a bag of Quinoa. You are already running so where can you find theses items quickly? What's the quickest route to get through and out of the store? You pull up the application and input your needed items. The navigation pins appear in the correct aisle to find your items. You are also able to click on that aisle to view multiple items in your wish list that are located in that aisle.

How I built it

We used bootstrap to make it responsive to the device the user is using. We used HTML and CSS to build an application that is compatible with various devices.

Challenges I ran into

The greatest challenge was adding Clarifai for users to upload pictures of the item.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud that it is working and that it looks good. We are proud at the fact that we made something that we would use if companies provided the technology. AND it is a good way around the GPS limitations to indoor environments. Oh, and we had fun!

What I learned

We learned Bootstrap and the how Clarifai works.

What's next for Buggy Buddy

An additional feature to add is to allow the user to save their shopping list. Pitching the idea to a grocery store.

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