Because sometimes even Grubhub or normal Postmates isn't fast enough to match the needs of your stomach. To help you get there like a boss, Bugatti is a Chrome extension and web app that lets you make one-click Postmates deliveries.

What it does

Our web app lets you create an account and save your favorite meals and places to eat. Once that simple setup is done, the Chrome extension can make INSTANT, ONE-CLICK orders of your favorite foods from a widget in Chrome. You'll receive confirmation and some additional info once your order is placed!

Technical details:

It seems obvious, but our app uses the Postmates API to place rapid orders. We also hosted our web app on Microsoft Azure, and technologies/frameworks we used include Node.js, Express, MongoDB, Jade, Sass, and jQuery.

Why's it called Bugatti?

You'll be ordering your food so fast, all that swag got you feeling like you woke up in a new Bugatti~~~ Alt text

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