So the project is at its final few sprints, the team worked hard on delivering high quality, beautiful product, then comes that moment that all teams despise - the realization that there is a list of bugs that are stopping us from shipping the product.

It’s at this point that our team felt inspired to try and help other dev teams through this moment, we understand that we can’t solve bugs for our users but we intend to make sure they have fun while doing so!

After a few ideation sessions, we agreed that the best way to solve this issue is through gamification, and that’s how Bug Wars was born.

Benefits of Gamification

Implementing gamification programs at the workplace presents many advantages and benefits. More and more organizations are choosing to implement gaming techniques to improve productivity and competitiveness of their teams.

These benefits can go from increasing motivation, encouraging creativity, strengthening communication processes, introducing innovative dynamics, and last but not least decreasing employee stress.

What it does

  1. Bug view - Increase focus by viewing all of the bugs across your board in one fun place

  2. Catch a bug - Think you have what it takes to solve this one? In one click assign the bug to yourself and change its status to “Working on it”

  3. Kill a bug - Good job, make sure to click the kill button and let everyone on the board know that this bug is done!

  4. See assigned team members - At a quick glance see what bugs your friends are working on.

  5. Focus on whats most important - the bigger the bug the higher the priority

How we built it

We built the app on the amazing Monday developers platform using ReactJS and utilizing the Monday SDK and API. We added thereact-lottie library in order to display some beautiful animations.

Challenges we ran into

Our main challenge was deciding on how to animate the app while keeping it simple, lean and with optimal performance, we played around with combining the unity game engine along with react in order to get a real game feel but we decided to let it go since it created greater challenges in the apps logic and data flows.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our biggest accomplishment is getting this product in the air and having loads of fun while doing so, from the ideation phase through to design and development, everyone took a part in delivering this amazing app all while working on our day-to-day tasks.

❤ Charlie team❤

What we learned

Always keep it simple, a good app is one that users can use, not a pipe dream that never reaches production.

What's next for Bug Wars

The galaxy is the limit, a dashboard widget that shows you the team's best bug killers, advanced settings to let teams configure the games on more column types, features to help out QA team members have fun while reporting bugs.

Maybe even Bug Wars: Attack of the clones

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