What inspired you? We are passionate about providing practical and relevant nutrition advice to individuals so that they can maintain health. We wanted to create a tool that allows us to focus on this aspect of our profession rather then spending time on detailed information gathering. This platform will dramatically improve our time and ability to offer tailored advice to our clients.

Who is your target user? Nutritionist and Dietitians are our customers, they will push it our to their clients and their carers who are the end users.

What key features are you most proud of? The platform will be multidirectional - clients are not only entering daily food intake but are receiving individualised advice back from their practitioner. It has the potential to collaborate with carers organisations, other allied health professionals and community programs. The accessibility of this platform. Practitioners and clients can access the platform anywhere anytime on any device. The platform will link to accurate food composition databases trusted by nutrition professionals. It solves the problems of similar tools that are difficult to use and unreliable. Enhance the evidence available for dietary intervention. It encourages regular dietary record keeping because it's easy and accessible. It will provide end users with ongoing support for changing food related behaviours.

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