It is TRULY the best dev tool as it helps you maintain your hunger levels.

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I hate being scammed by the school by wasting many meal swipes a week and never having enough snacks on hand.

What it does

Helps you stealthily bypass the universities attempt to scam you by allowing you to see exactly how many meal swipes and how much munch money you have at the touch of a button.

How I built it

I programmatically log into the buff card site and spoof your user agent so the website provides you with a session key to get into your account. It then scrapes the page for the info.

Challenges I ran into

Authenticating a login session and tracking through a javascript redirect was difficult.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Doing it.

What I learned

How to programmatically log into and maintain a session in a website.

What's next for BuffMunchies

Graphical User Interface

Built With

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