Nowadays, a lot of post-secondary students are financially illiterate and around 70% of students come out of school with debt averaging around $30,000. Personally, as university students in engineering and computer science, we understand the difficulties in managing our own finances while being faced with debt. We want to help other post-secondary students plan and track their budgets for their education and improve their financial literacy.

What it does

BudgetU. allows users to input their major university/college expenses as well as other income and expenses to keep track of their spending and savings. There are progress bars indicating the user's progress on how much of their expenses they have paid off or how much of their monthly budget they have already spent so that they are on top of their finances. This app will improve students financial literacy and allow for easy tracking of all education related finances.

How we built it

We built budgetU. using React and Node.js for the UI and web application and SQL to store the data of the transactions.

Challenges we ran into

Learning how to use React as it was our first time using React and incorporating all the features we wanted to implement into the application.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Deploying a web application on React and designing the prototype.

What we learned

We learned how to use React, node.js and how to design a prototype using Figma.

What's next for budgetU.

In the future we hope to allow post-secondary students to automatically transfer tuition, OSAP information and other data to the app by linking their school accounts. Also, we hope to allow users to connect their other apps so that transactions done through external apps are automatically updated on budgetU. Lastly, the app can include more tips and insight on how to budget and provide free helpful resources and points rewards as an incentive to use our app.

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