BudgetStay is highly inspired by the struggles of students in finding living spaces outside their homes. BudgetStay is a budget-friendly accommodation specially designed for students to provide clean and hygienic homes away from home.

What it does

As the name "BudgetStay" suggests, the website provides budget-friendly accommodation options such as hostels, PGs, or flats. Users can browse and compare prices, amenities, and locations of different accommodations on the website, and book a stay that suits their budget and needs without any brokerage fees.

How we built it

A 36-hour long hackathon made us execute our idea of making it easy to find budget-friendly stays. We’ve used modern technologies to implement our ideation. It won’t impossible without teamwork and flawless coordination

1. Figma for User flow & UI designing. 
2. Next js for frontend development.
3. Node js for backend development.
4. Appwrite for Authentication purpose. 
5. Chakra UI Component library.
6. Algolia search API is used for searching purposes.

Challenges we ran into

While making this student-driven website, we encountered many challenges like how to configure Appwrite within our website and OpenAi setup. We did multiple design iterations in less time. How to collect data and list data using Algolia search API

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Seamless User Experience that led us to feasibility, Integrated WhatsApp with Twilio in our website which made it for Students to contact the owner. Dealing with a broker takes time and money, but we have made it easy without any brokerage fees.

What we learned

Technical: How to automate notification system using Twilio, Use Algolia search system for our application providing features like filtering and recommendation. Non-Technical: We got to know how this property rental business operates.

What's next for BudgetStay

We will connect with owners of different properties and get them onboarded

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