I have an idea and I am not a developer. Supposing Cardano is an absolute immutable ledger and even digital fiat has a serial number, would anti-corruption teams and financial oversite committees be eager for a manner to track and account for every cent of a government's budget. Could a mirror token containing each serial for every digital dollar budgeted be created to stop embezzlement and financial corruption within governmental bodies. I'm not a programmer, but the concept is solid, correct?

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DanForbesToday at 12:24 PM I am not participating in this hackathon; I am representing Parity Technologies in my role as Developer Advocate. If you get some developer teammates I'd love to help them learn how to use Substrate to implement your idea https://substrate.dev/(edited) Official Substrate Documentation for Blockchain Developers ยท Substr... Learn to build blockchains using the next generation blockchain framework.

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